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Traditional Dishes


For thousands of years people of our country practiced agriculture and animal breeding, which determined the nature of their nutrition.

Inherent to the traditional Moldavian cuisine are dishes from cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products, poultry, seasonal produce, products of food gathering, etc. The main methods of cooking are roasting, boiling, stewing and baking. Having already absorbed cooking features of other Carpathian-Danube region’s nations, the local cuisine became individual due to the preservation of its old cooking recipes.

Settlements of Moldova and Diaspora


Prima atestare:
405 locuitori

Vîlcele este un sat din cadrul comunei Toceni, raionul Cantemir. Localitatea se află la distanța de 20 km de orașul Cantemir și la 109 km de Chișinău. Conform datelor recensămîntului din anul 2004, populaţia satului constituia 405 oameni. Satul Vîlcele a fost înființat în anul 1946.

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