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Natural-geographical Regions in Moldova

Feteşti rock, northern Moldova

Speaking about nature of such a tiny country as Moldova it is difficult not to be astonished by its variety and richness. Travelling from north to south of the country it sometimes seems that you pass several different countries which are hilly, sylvan, prairie or coastal at different places. This diversity is due to a lot of reasons, major of which are of geological character, as well as human activity during the last several centuries at this land.

Woods near the village Sadova, Center Moldova

Traditionally three natural-geographical regions of Moldova are distinguished in scientific literature. They are Northern region, Central part and South region. Besides taking into account location of the country at the interface of different geological formations and its Moldavian history we include two more areas into the list of natural-geographical regions. They are Bukovina (Southern and Northern) and region of Budjack, major part of which is situated nowadays beyond modern Moldova.

Reservation "Lower Prut", south of Moldova

Except purely geographical division into above said regions we also take into consideration their actual differences of relief, climate, soils, economy, flora and fauna, natural monuments and heritage memorials.

Landscape of Southern Bucovina, Moldova Romanian

We hope that within our project we’ll manage to fully lay out the variety of the Moldavian nature and it’s connection with the nature of neighbouring regions especially with the Ukrainian nature and nature of the Romanian Moldova.

Vilkovo, Budjack, Ukraine

Settlements of Moldova and Diaspora


Prima atestare:
779 800 locuitori

Municipiul Chișinău este capitala Republicii Moldova, centru urban cu important potenţial economic, social, cultural. Amplasat  în partea centrală a țării, este traversat de rîul Bîc. Conform datelor recensămîntului din anul 2004, populaţia oraşului constituie 779 800  locuitori. Prima atestare documentară a Chişinăului datează din anul 1436, cînd domnitorii Ilie şi Ştefan întăresc logofătului Oancea posesiunile sale, aflate în hotar cu “Cheşeneul lui Acbaş". În 1576 documentele menţionează Chişinăul ca sat în ţinutul Lăpuşnei, cu mori în Bîc.

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