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Moldavian Traditional Dance

The Moldavian traditional dance is one of the oldest forms of folk art; it can be considered a real “poem of the nation”, as they say when the Moldavians dance, “heart starts to sing”. Each movement tells us about the talent and spiritual qualities of nation at different history stages.

National character and temperament, as well as strength and agility peep in the dance. Wisdom and humor take an enormous significance, when these qualities show honestly and directly the feelings and aspirations of the people. The Moldavian traditional dance is a real treasure of our nation, as it involves music, national costume, folk art and lots of other aspects.

Dance has always been an essential part of the cultural and social life. In all circumstances dances and songs take an important role, especially during the holidays (family ceremonies, fairs, activities related to agricultural work and faith of people in soil fertility).

The Moldavian traditional dance has its unique and truly original history. From ancient times, dances were hold together with songs, drum playing or clapping, which helped to keep rhythm. Later, the dancers began to be accompanied with brass bands, which consisted of violins, cymbals, flutes and other musical instruments. Those times the dances were accompanied with satirical or humorous ditties, as well as now.

An important attribute of the dance is the national costume, which, designed with ornamental and full of creative spirit, is really unique.

We invite you to discover the beauty and charm of the Moldavian traditional dance. On this page you may find a list of dance companies and styles of the Moldavian dance with a brief description and a selection of videos.


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