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Keeping the good traditions of cultural values, that have existed for centuries, we invite you to discover the ethnic culinary art of the nation of Moldova.

Ethnographic studies conducted in the Moldavian villages became the basis of recipes presented here, thus giving people an opportunity to use recipes that interest them most.

The specific feature of the recipes is that most of them contain products and spices grown in our country, making it easier for women to buy them.

We express our great respect and admiration for all women who keep the tradition of cooking ethnic cuisine dishes.

On this website you will find an abundance of different recipes from our cuisine: cold and hot appetizers, meat and vegetable dishes, soups, drinks and sweets, etc.

Recipes Presented here make a valuable contribution and serve as a guide of discovering the material and spiritual values of our culture.

For those who are interested in the traditions of our people and in the recipes, we provide an opportunity to learn, adopt and continue the tradition of passing them down from generation to generation.

People who wish to add their own recipes and advice to our list, please be resolute and send them by e-mail at support@moldovenii.md, specifying your coordinates (optional), and we will certainly publish them.

Settlements of Moldova and Diaspora


Prima atestare:
1300 locuitori

Frunză este un sat şi comună din Unitățile Administrativ-Teritoriale din Stînga Nistrului, Republica Moldova. Din componenţa comunei fac parte localităţile Uiutnoe, Frunză, Andriaşevca Nouă, Andriaşevca Veche, Novosaviţcaia, Novocotovsc, Prioziornoe. Localitatea se află la distanța de 21 km de orașul Slobozia și la 99 km de Chișinău. Populaţia satului Frunză alcătuia 1300 de oameni în anul 2006. Satul Frunză a fost înființat în anul 1925.

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