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Commemorative coins

Commemorative coins represent a work of art and are usually produced in precious metals - gold or silver. The coins are issued in limited circulation, highlighting personalities, historical events, nature, science or arts. Such coins have a distinct design with reference to the occasion on which they were issued.

The commemorative coins are issued by the National Bank of Moldova, have numismatic value and can be used as means of payment. National Bank of Moldova floats these currencies through licensed banks.

Commemorative coins have a special aesthetic and performance. They are presented in capsules and special boxes, accompanied by certificates of authenticity, containing specific coin characteristic and the National Bank Governor's signature.

The first commemorative coin was issued by the National Bank of Moldova in 1996 – the 5th Anniversary of Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Moldova. The first series of coins was dedicated to Monasteries of Moldova. Initiated in 2000, the series consists of 20 silver coins showing Moldovan monasteries.

NBM issues as well coins in the series "Personalities", "Holidays, culture, traditions of Moldova”, "Monuments of Moldova”. These pieces show outstanding figures, historical places or Romanian traditions. A successful series is "Red Book of Republic of Moldova" – an array of pieces dedicated to the nature protection.


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Settlements of Moldova and Diaspora


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1402 locuitori

Dominteni este un sat şi comună din raionul Drochia. Din componenţa comunei fac parte localităţile Dominteni, Văleni și Mihăileni. Localitatea se află la distanța de 21 km de orașul Drochia și la 166 km de Chișinău. La recensămîntul din anul 2004, populaţia satului Dominteni constituia 1402 locuitori.Satul Dominteni a fost menționat documentar în anul 1617.

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